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A foreign language is best learnt in context.

A foreign language is best learnt in context – I cannot agree more with this postulation. A foreign language can only be learnt adequately when a language context is available so that a learner can really interconnect what he is learning to his own knowledge schema.

The Vocablearning program has no intention to ask any learners to learn any new words beyond his encounter in normal learning context. The no. of new words (10-20 words a day) that an ordinary student encounters in his daily learning is already beyond the maximum capability (5-10 words a day) of the vocablearning progam, let alone the normal capacity of an ordinary brain (1-2 words a day). Evans, Hoare, Kong O’Halloran & Walker. (2001)

The program only provides a cost-effective revision mechanism for a learner to retain most of the words he has ever come across in his normal learning context so that if the same word pops-up again in whatever context in the future, the learner can immediate recognize it and relate his old memory to the new context. Gradually, the accurate use of the word in different contexts can be learnt thoroughly.

Jan 2012

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