Why Vocablearning?

Understand the difficulties encountered by an ordinary Wahyanite

As an old boy of the school, I had the first hand experience of the difficulties encountered by an ordinary Wahyanite in his daily learning. Nearly 100% of the F1 newbies of Wah Yan is from Chinese speaking primary schools. In the switching from an CMI school to an EMI school, the first obstacle that a …

System Thinking – Creating a virtuous circle of learning

Reference : Systems Thinking Basics; Systems Archetype Basics Jan 2012

How did the project start and what was the result so far?

(A letter to the school management committee) Inception of the Project The whole idea of the project was first conceived in 2006 when a very desperate Form 6 student approached me for help. He said he would like to attend a university in the United States but his first attempt of SAT verbal test fell …

Result in action (a television Interview)

青出於藍・之一 Paul Yip 教英文 Jan 2012

Effect of not knowing the words beyond Oxford 3000 word list

Try to understand the difficulties of knowing only the 3,000 English words on Oxford 3000 word list. Most F1 students from a chinese speaking primary school know less than 1,000. An Excerpt From Harry Potter Harry stretched his arm and grabbed the xxxxxx just as a xxxx white and reached out and xxxxxxx it, too. He …

Importance of Vocabulary in all kinds of language related learning (Video)

    Jan 2012

Comments from Parents and Students

From: XXX [mailto:xxxxxxxxxxxxx@yahoo.com.hk] Sent: Sunday, September 04, 2011 3:00 PM To: vocablearning@hotmail.com Cc: xxxxxxxxxxxxx@yahoo.com.hk Subject: 葉先生: 您好!我是學生XXX﹙F1-xxx﹚的媽媽,最近我去香港記憶學總會上了關於“培育天才腦的父母必修課程”,果然如你所說,不大會去照用﹙在學英語方面﹚,我覺得用聯想法、諧音法、拆字法、物件掛勾法和羅馬房間法來記英文生字既慢且麻煩,根夲提不起興趣,由於我懂國際音標,會分音節會拼讀,從小到大都是靠這種方法來背生字,現在突然間要我拋開標準的一套,而採用記憶法來記,實在是舍本逐末,非常抗拒,反而我倒是很欣賞你所開發的Vocablearning課程學習網站,道地學英文,通過聽、讀、看圖像加深印象,然後再經反複練習、運用,不斷地温故知新,運用記憶法的規律,將單字儲存到大腦的深層記憶,這樣就不容易被遺忘,並且還運用縮短時間來熟練記憶帶有趣味,我見我孩子學起來很自覺、很投入,簡直是着迷了,因為這軟件不需要死記硬背,可以掌握大量生字,沒見過學英文可以如此輕鬆,所以我說你用自己的聰明才智開發的這個網頁是成功的、神奇的,因為你把“只要努力,就一定能學好英語”這句口號化成了現實。現在機會就在面前,成功指日可待,我也想好好把握,學好英語,增值自己。請問葉sir,我需要辦哪些手續才能申請入會呢?希望能盡快地得到你的答覆,謝謝! 學生家長 XXX          敬上     From: xxxxx xx [mailto:xxxxxxxxxx@yahoo.com.hk] Sent: Tuesday, August 30, 2011 11:42 PM To: vocablearning@hotmail.com Subject: hi Yip sir: The vocablearning is great !I want to have more a account since my brother needs …

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