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The school is using English Builder and Vocablearning is a duplicated effort.

Right from the beginning, Vocablearning does not aim at improving English specifically though a strong correlation between the number of days with the exercise done in Vocablearning and the improvement in English Subject rank was revealed from the data collected last year. Rather, Vocablearning aims at assisting students to learn the 2300+ wordsNote which are not covered in English lessons but appear in the F1 curriculum.

According to research finding, there are over 10,000 words in our secondary curriculum and much more on an ordinary English newspaper. This is what the program really wants to tackle.

English Builder does not target to handle what Vocablearning targets to handle. If time or resource doesn’t allow both schemes to be run in parallel, a separate study should be conducted to investigate the effectiveness of the two schemes in order to provide evidence to decide which has to be abandoned first.

The comparative study should include the Cost-effectiveness of the platform, Benefit of the system to the school, Perception of the students and parents and whether Answers to the exercise are readily available from the Web or Facebook.

Jan 2012

Note :

1. The answers to English Builder are actually readily available from the web. Do a google search on “English Builder Answer” then you will know what I mean.

2. Besides the estimation made by Evans, Hoare, O’Halloran & Walker (2001),  a F1 Wahyanite  of 2006-07 from a middle class family helped me to reconfirm this number. The student was asked to record all the words unfamiliar to him while he was reading his textbooks. The record was analyzed at the end of the year. Personally, he ranked 57 out of 144 in the final examination of the year.

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