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$500,000 – a Disproof or an Alternative wanted !

As a science teacher, I am highly aware of the possibility of making any false scientific claims.

When I was summarizing the preliminary findings of the project, I approached different people with related knowledge to ask them to help me to prove that my conclusion – the vocablearning project has a very high chance to increase the university admission rate of the school by at least 100% – was wrong. None of them can provide me a persuasive statistical model to prove that my claim is false, and none of them can provide me with an alternative with similar cost, potential benefit and chance of success.

If anybody can provide me a persuasive statistical model as a disproof of the claim of the project or a feasible alternative to the project, I am willing to award him HK$500,000 because he helps me to end a meaningless pursue of putting the academic performance of the school back to the right track.  Or, if the school adopts my project and my project fails to deliver what it promises, I will donate the sum to the school or to any charity body specified by the school as an apology for bothering the school for 6 years.

If you are interested in accepting this challenge and want to get the raw data I collected, please contact me using the contact form on the Home Page or send your disproof / alternative to me. Thanks a lot.

Jan 2012

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