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Do I love Wah Yan ?

In traditional church teaching, Jesus loves us so much that he is willing to sacrifice his life for us. I am not as great as Jesus. I am not ready to sacrifice my life for anybody. I only love Wah Yan to an extent that I am willing to sacrifice half of my personal wealth …

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Why am I fighting alone ?

When I was distributing the Leaflets To stakeholders at the footbridge of WY in October 2011, one parent of a Form 1 boy and one parent of a Form 2 boy whose sons both were using the Vocablearning program regularly approached me and asked me the same question : “Why didn’t the school put the interest …

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Who else do I need to save ?

Do you know that the causes of onset of heart attack, cancer and severe chronic muscle pain are not only genetic or pathological, they are also stress related? I have never heard of any schools other than WYCHK with 2 servicing teachers passed away in 3 years in their 30s and 40s, 2 teachers suffering from cancer and …

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